Led a team of 3 to craft the end-to-end experience for TyltGo's Driver and Customer mobile applications for a B2B delivery start-up.

Duration: Aug 2019 – Oct 2019 (3 months)
Team/Role: Design Lead
Category: Freelance


On-demand B2B delivery system

Imagine it's Valentine’s Day and you own a flower boutique shop. You have 10 times your normal order and not enough employees to deliver them. It makes no sense to hire a full-time delivery driver if you just need them for that day and it’s difficult to find a temporary by-contract driver. This is where TyltGO comes in. TyltGO offers on-demand drivers. Now you can fulfill the hearts of all the lovebirds on this Valentine’s day without incurring high costs and stress.


Hey, want to help us with MVP designs and recruiting a design team?

This project consisted of 3 parts:

  • Recruit & lead a team: the CTO and I worked together to bring in 3 university students to work with us from Aug 2019 - Oct 2019. I was also responsible for delegating tasks, empowering young designers, and leading critique sessions.
  • Guide young designers in creating wireframes for the Driver app by providing resources to spark inspiration, giving constructive feedback, and being a team player.
  • Design high fidelity template for the home and store details page, within technical constraints.


The initial experience - pt. 1

My role was leading a brainstorming session to guide the young designs in ideating all the potential use cases for a user to launch the app. Then, narrowing it down into the 3 different use cases shown below. Tackling the use cases early on helped us identify which steps of the user journey needed extra guidance and potential edge cases. I also asked A LOT of questions to really get the designers to think critically about the product.

I led brainstorming sessions to guide and assist designers in ideating use cases using a critical product thinking mindset.


Delivery user flow - V1

This maps out the user flow from accepting delivery to completing it. The top flow is the first iteration and the bottom shows the final user flow after 3 rounds of iterations.

User flow for driver delivery - V1


Delivery user flow - Final

My role between the first to final iteration was to provide insightful feedback to the designers I was leading. This gave me the opportunity to learn how to be handsoff, communicate constructive feedback in a comprehensive and empathetic manner, as well as challenge my product thinking.

User flow for driver delivery - Final


Profile page

The profile is a one-stop page to capture the most important information user's need to see: their delivery schedule, the orders they've completed, and their delivery statistics (including total payout).

Mid-fi wireframes for driver profile

Consumer app template

I learned a lot through deconstructing and analyzing what currently exists. Since there are so many shipped and conceptual delivery applications, the research phase was really more like one massive design critique of the general user flow and interface design. Overall, a very fun project.


Homepage feed

My favourite part of this project was designing this screen. I was inspired by apps like including mcDonalds, DoorDash, HelloFresh, UberEats, FanTuan, and plenty of concept designs on Dribbble. Then I was able to fine-tune my designs by receiving criticism from my team.

Template for home feed


Order screen

We did some brief user research for this template by asking 15 users what they like and don't like about existing menus, both digital and hard copy. Key takeaways

  • Love how with digital menus, they can re-trace their ordered items and price
  • Having images to compliment the item is always preferred, bonus if the image is high-quality
  • Delivery fees are often hidden, which is really frustrating
  • Hardcopy menus don't have a quick overview of the categories/sections, making it difficult to quickly navigate through

Template for order screen

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