✨ Hello, I’m Emily ✨

Passionate about building empowering and invisible digital experiences. Fascinated about the future development of fintech and sensory technologies.

UX Intern @ Shopify β€’ Mentor @ Cofolios

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Shopify Internship

Currently working on the Payments & Risk team. Designing experiences for Shopify Payments, Shop Pay Installments, and envisioning a new dispute management experience.

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Internship β€’ 15 min

Wish Internship

  • Led concept and design of an internal merchant review tool to increase efficiency in fraud detection and prevention
  • Collaborated cross-functionally to launch the MVP of new product dashboard: Merchant Plus
  • Audited and redesigned button components for Wish's Design System

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Case study β€’ 10 min


A passion project to help users keep track of the artists they’ve seen at any sort of music event and exploring event recommendations. Driven by a personal pain point of mine and validated through user research.

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A bit more about me ✌️

It all started when I was 6 years old. Moving from China to Canada without knowing a single word in English, I relied on visual storytelling through doodles as my only form of to communication.

Visual storytelling mixed with my naturally curious personality eventually became more than just a passion when discovered the field of HCI. The industry allows me to collaborate with talented individuals to continuously expand on my interests; whether that be honing my visual craft, understanding the jargon of code, or bringing diversified perspectives to the table.


When I'm not designing, I can be found jamming out (to music and complex problems) at cafes β˜•οΈ, with friends at happy hour πŸ₯‚, or enjoying walks outdoors 🌱.

Okay, that's enough about me. Let's talk about you! Shoot me an e-mail and send some music recommendations as a convo starter πŸ˜€